The Paradigm Shift From Healthcare to Wellcare

It’s time for your healthcare program to promote healthy lifestyles. Companies’ healthcare costs have been going up relentlessly, making healthcare the second highest expense a company has after payroll. What if a simple shift in attitude could change all of that? Sapoznik makes it possible. This is a drastic shift in the healthcare model we have grown to know as the standard. This is the way to stabilize and control spiraling healthcare costs. This is the shift to wellcare.

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Stabilize and Control Spiraling Healthcare Costs

Employees currently think of healthcare coverage as a reactive measure, just in case they need it. If healthcare programs focused on education and preventative methods, the cost of healthcare would drop substantially. When your employees are encouraged to keep themselves healthy, you are faced with far fewer emergency room visits or serious procedures due to conditions that could have easily been avoided.

Take Steps Towards Bettering Your Overall Health

Taking steps towards bettering your overall health can be intimidating if you are going at it alone. When you have the support and participation of your office and co-workers behind your efforts, the results can improve substantially and be maintained for a longer period of time. A healthcare program that focuses on education, preventative measures, and community activities is not only better for your employees but better for your bottom line. The amount of money spent on preventative healthcare is far outweighed by the savings it will bring.

Implement Proactive Healthcare Coverage

This is what A Passion for Wellness and Sapoznik Insurance are all about. We can show you to how make the paradigm shift from healthcare to wellcare in order to save money, retain happy and healthy employees, and improve your business. Healthy employees make for a healthy bottom line. Change your approach to health insurance, and change your company for the better.

About Rachel

Rachel Sapoznik is founder, CEO and President of Sapoznik Insurance. In the midst of this volatile time, when companies and their employees are increasingly worried about rising insurance premiums, Rachel stands out as a passionate voice emphasizing the value and necessity of education and wellness in helping manage costs.

Rachel has been recognized as an industry expert and has received several awards and accolades, including South Florida Business Journal’s “Top Insurance Agencies” and “Influential Business Woman of the Year,” and The Commonwealth Institute “Top 50 Woman-Led Businesses In Florida.”

More About Rachel

A Passion for Wellness Book

Rachel Sapoznik’s book A Passion for Wellness breaks down what it takes to make the shift from healthcare to wellcare. Through the pages of A Passion for Wellness, you will discover the benefits that you will reap when you choose to implement an education-based healthcare plan for your business. A Passion for Wellness delves into all of the pros of a preventative program, from the hands-on efforts to raise your employees’ overall health to the money that you could save as a whole over time.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to educational charities for children.

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Speaking Engagements

The voice of wellness in the insurance community. Rachel speaks on the topics of healthcare reform, corporate wellness, and entrepreneurship providing an entertaining and educational asset to your next company event or industry convention.

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Services and Expertise

Sapoznik Insurance

An alternative to the traditional insurance agency. Their unique education-based approach to healthcare means Sapoznik can create wellness solutions that help enhance the lives of your employees while ensuring you don’t see a dramatic increase in healthcare costs.


Telehealth Program

70 million Americans miss work every year due to illness and medical appointments. Most routine doctor visits can be conducted over the phone, without having to take time out of a busy schedule to physically go to the doctor. This program can save not only loads of your employees’ time but also your company’s money.


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