A Passion for Wellness

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About The Book

A Passion for Wellness: Healthy Employees, Healthy Bottom Line breaks down what it takes to make the shift from healthcare to wellcare. Through the pages of A Passion for Wellness, you will discover the benefits that you will reap when you choose to implement an education-based healthcare plan for your business. A Passion for Wellness delves into all of the pros of a preventative program, from the hands-on efforts to raise your employees’ overall health to the money that you could save as a whole over time.

You Are In Control

A Passion for Wellness is your resource for learning how wellness education, and implementation can promote a shift from treating illness to promoting health. Increase profit margins, boost employee engagement, and promote a happy, healthy workplace that positively impacts your bottom line. Make health a priority and grow your company without the fear of having to provide health insurance you can’t afford.

After reading Rachel’s book, it’s clear that not making a change to your coverage could cost your company millions and leave your employees more unhealthy than they were before.

“This is the future of health insurance, make the shift from healthcare to wellcare.”

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A portion of the proceeds from sales of this book will be donated to charity.

Why Is Wellness Important To You?

  • Percent of people in the U.S. who are obese or overweight. 69%
  • Percent of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 Diabetes would go away if poor diet, inactivity and smoking were eliminated. (Estimated by the CDC) 80%
  • Percent that Worksite Wellness Programs can reduce employee absenteeism. 30%
  • Percent of healthcare costs caused by preventable illnesses. 70%
  • Percent of total healthcare costs driven by 5% of employees. 50%

The average an American spends sitting a day.

The average unhealthy behavior cost a U.S. employee per year.

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What The Readers Have to Say

“A Passion for Wellness effectively communicates what I’ve learned from working with Rachel Sapoznik and her team over the years—focusing on preventative care and promoting wellness not only saves money, it saves lives. The approach outlined in this book is the only way businesses can afford to continue supporting healthy, productive employees. Rachel and her team are the perfect complement to any organization looking to make a lasting, positive impact on its bottom line.” Jose Minski

CEO, Health Products Holdings, LLC


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