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Sapoznik Insurance

Sapoznik Insurance offers an alternative to the traditional insurance agency. Their unique education-based approach to healthcare means Sapoznik Insurance can create wellness solutions that help enhance the lives of your employees while ensuring you don’t see a dramatic increase in healthcare costs. Sapoznik understands that wellness education is truly the ticket to a lifetime of good health. By offering plan members the tools to total wellness, you get a health benefits solution that will change your life forever.

Telehealth Program

Sapoznik also offers a Telehealth program. Most routine doctor visits can be conducted over the phone, without having to take time out of a busy schedule to physically go to the doctor. This program can save not only loads of your employees’ time but also your company’s money. Employees will always have access to a certified physician without the hassle of waiting at the doctor’s office or pharmacy. This will increase employee productivity and decrease absenteeism within the workplace. This is just one more way Sapoznik Insurance can help better your bottom line.

Why Telehealth?

  • Percent of employees who would like Telehealth to be offered as a work-place solution as part of their employment benefits. 73%
  • Percent of patients who would want their insurance providers to have a Telehealth platform. 67%
  • Percent of patients who would be willing to pay a monthly subscription for Telehealth services. 30%
  • Percent of patients who have challenges seeing their doctor in a timely manner. 33%

Is the average wait time in the ER.

Americans miss work every year due to illness and medical appointments.


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